Campaign Q&A

A Compilation of Answers to Questions Asked about our Campaign

Q. Does the published amount raised mean we have the funds “in hand”, or is it an expected amount?
A. The amount announced is that of all funds pledged (including deferred gifts) to date, not that of funds “in hand”.

Q. Will we begin renovations/improvements before we have the funds raised for a particular project?
A. No, we will not begin any particular project until we have the funds raised to cover that cost. We will not be going into debt for any project.

Q. Which projects have priority as the funds are received?
A. Projects will be prioritized based on the immediate needs of the parish and the ability to complete the project with available cash in hand. Projects will be grouped together where contractors can work concurrently. For example, in the church, replacement of flooring and pew refurbishments will be completed at the same time.

Q. Are the amounts listed on the gift opportunities chart what the projects will actually cost?
A. No, the price is not necessarily reflective of the cost to replace/renovate that item, but rather is dependent upon the prominence or visibility, and sentimental value, of that gift item.

Q. The gift opportunities amounts do not add up to our campaign funding goal; why is that?
A. The gift opportunities are for designating all or part of a pledge towards a specific project, or for designating a project in honor or memory of a loved one. Only a small portion of these actual gift opportunities will be taken by our members, and most people will simply give their pledges towards the campaign in general. So, we are not relying on every gift opportunity to be taken, and therefore the gift opportunities list is not the same as our funds needed or project budget.