Gift Options & Opportunities

All members are asked to consider gifts above and beyond what they give in their regular offerings and other contributions toward this special campaign. And there is a variety of ways that gifts can be made.

  • Long-term subscriptions, or pledges payable over three (3) years, are easier for most and essential to meeting our goal, since it would be impractical, if not impossible, to reach our objectives with one-time, out-of-pocket gifts. Gifts may be made in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments at the donor’s discretion. A 10% initial investment toward your total pledge is encouraged.
  • Non-cash gifts are an additional or alternative way you can support our cause. You may wish, for example, to consider gifts “in kind” such as labor and materials; gifts of securities such as stocks and bonds; gifts of real estate such as land, homes, vacation and rental properties or even personal property such as artwork, automobiles, jewelry and antiques.
  • And finally, you can also choose to support our efforts through deferred gifts. These are gifts that can be given or arranged for now, but will not be received until later, and include gifts through a person’s will by bequest, gifts of life insurance policies or annuities, and trust arrangements.

Gift Opportunities

There are also a number of very special gift opportunities available to donors of qualifying gift amounts. These opportunities allow people the unique chance to designate their gifts to a particular part of the project and dedicate them in honor or memory of those they choose for a minimum of ten years once payment for these areas or items is received in full.

Donors of specific items or areas will have their names and/or the names of those they are honoring with their gifts inscribed directly on the item given or on special plaques or nameplates placed on or near the item where appropriate. These naming rights will extend for a minimum of ten years once payment for the item is fully received. Additionally, all donors, regardless of the size of their gift, will have their names listed in a special bulletin insert announcing campaign results as well as on a special “Donor Wall” or “Donor Book” that will be displayed in a prominent and visible place within our facilities.

Prices of the stated items are not necessarily reflective of the component’s cost. Rather they are based on the prominence of the item, our needs, and hopefully, the gift abilities of our community. Although payments for these gifts may be made over the entire pledge period, recognition will be given when the gift is paid in full and will extend for a minimum of ten years.

Building Gift Opportunities

Gymnasium/Auditorium $ 500,000

Worship Space Opportunities

Organ Preservation
Painting & Preservation: Christ & The Evganglists
Painting & Preservation: Ceiling & Works of St. Peter
Painting & Preservation: South Wall & Apostles
Painting & Preservation: North Wall & Apostles
Painting & Preservation: Rear Wall & Murals
Church Boiler
Church Sound System
Marble Entry
$ 60,000
$ 50,000
Stained Glass Preservation – Large (2)
$ 40,000 – Both Funded
Stained Glass Preservation – Medium (2)
$ 30,000 – One Funded
Stained Glass Preservation – Small (2)
$ 20,000 – One Funded
Marble Aisle
$ 20,000 – Funded
Pews (85)
$ 5,000 ea. – Five Funded
Kneelers (85)
$ 3,000 ea. – One Funded

Gymnasium/Auditorium Gift Opportunities

Auditorium Seating
$ 200,000
Skylight System
$ 150,000
Gymnasium Flooring
$ 150,000
Auditorium Flooring
$ 80,000
Auditorium Lighting
$ 75,000
Auditorium Roof
$ 45,000
Auditorium Curtain
$ 45,000
Emergency Lighting
$ 30,000
Fire Alarm System
$ 25,000
Asbestos Removal
$ 15,000
Gym Lighting
$ 10,000
Projector & Screen
$ 10,000

Other Gift Opportunities

Campus Wide Communication System
Safety & Security System
$ 60,000 – Funded
Motion Sensor Lighting
$ 20,000
Rectory Exterior Painting
$ 20,000
Rectory Windows (15)
$ 1,500

But whatever the gift or method of making it may be, please be assured that your support is both urgently needed and will be greatly appreciated. Through the prayerful, volunteer and financial support of many, and the extraordinary support of a few, we will succeed in our task.

Won’t you please join us in this exciting and essential effort to better our service to one another, to our community and to Christ?