Current Funds

Students and Early ComputersThe following list of funds currently exists within the foundation.

The General Fund

Many people choose to make their charitable contributions directly to the General Fund, wishing the earnings to be distributed as needed by the many, varied and changing needs of St. Peter’s Schools.

Specific Funds

Many people choose to make their charitable contributions directly to one of the Foundation’s established Specific Funds. Currently, the Foundation has the following Specific Funds available for contributions.

Chambers Fund

To provide scholarships to Catholic students who desire to attend St. Peter’s Schools but whose parents are unable to pay all or a portion of the actual tuition costs.

Tuition Fund – Anonymous

This donor named fund, who has chosen to remain anonymous at this time was established to help provide scholarships to students who desire to attend St. Peter’s School, but whose family may not have the financial means to do so.

Sister Bernard Marie Campbell Chair of Science Fund

This fund was established to renovate the High School Science labs and promote the science programs at St. Peter’s School.

Elementary Arts & Music Fund

To promote fine arts to students attending St. Peter’s School.

Sammy Tridico Memorial Fund for Montessori

To promote health and long-term success of Montessori program for preschool education.

Paul Malaska Grounds Maintenance Fund

To provide additional funds to help keep buildings and grounds clean and safe.

Donald R. Castle Memorial Fund for English

To provide funds for the English and Language Arts programs.

The Dillion Family Fund

Provides funds to promote and support students to enter into a skilled trade.

Polinski Fund (Regina’s Kids)

Regina’s Kids was created to help instill that benevolence into the community at large, starting with the students of St. Peter’s Parish.

Library Fund

To keep St. Peter’s Grade School and High School Libraries up to date and competitive with public school libraries.