Fund Balance Sheet

Now is the time……They are the reason

It is really just a brief moment that we have with our children. And in that moment, we try to instill in them faith, knowledge and an awareness of themselves and those around them.

We try to see to all their needs and give them the tools necessary for fulfilling their promise and insuring their future.

Our children have never had more opportunities or faced larger challenges than those of our changing world.

 Asset Allocation as of 06/30/2016
Cash/Equivalents $103,016
Cash Value Life Insurance $70,844
Domestic Equities $625,837
Alternative Investments -0-
Managed Volatility Fund $104,058
Balanced Investments $83,974
International Equities $280,963
Domestic Fixed Income $695,986
International Fixed Income -0-
Real Estate Investment Trusts -0-
Total  $1,964,678
Liabilities $0
 Net Assets
General Fund $1,593,082
Campbell Fund $61,386
Castle Fund $7,638
Tridico Fund $37,106
Polinski Fund $53,538
Chambers Fund $69,801
Anonymous Fund $57,176
St. Peter’s Elementary School Music Fund $15,795
Paul Malaska School & Grounds Maintenance Fund $13,061
 Dillon Family Fund $50,523
Total Net Assets $1,964,678
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $1,961,678