Planned Giving

The Monsignor Edward C. Dunn Foundation for Education is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable foundation under the Internal Revenue Code. It was chartered as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Ohio on December 19, 1985, and received its charitable foundation exemption from the IRS on September 17, 1990. As such, the Foundation is independent and publicly supported, organized and operated as a flexible, yet permanent, endowment fund for the long-term benefit of St. Peter’s Catholic Schools in Mansfield, Ohio.

The Foundation provides assistance to help individuals; families and organizations pursue their long-term charitable giving to St. Peter’s Schools conveniently, effectively and with maximum tax benefits. The General Fund and Specific Funds accept gifts of any amount. You may also create Donor Named Funds, Donor Advised Funds and Donor Specific Funds during your lifetime or by a specific or residual bequest in your Will or Trust.

Your gift will keep on giving in perpetuity.  When the foundation receives your contribution, it will immediately invest it and make annual distributions from the earnings to St. Peter’s Schools in Perpetuity.

Establishing a Donor Named Fund within the General Fund or a Specific Fund of the Foundation requires a minimum contribution of $10,000. Establishing a Donor Advised Fund within a Specific Fund of the Foundation requires a minimum contribution of $50,000. A Donor may also establish a new Donor Specific Fund with a contribution of $100,000 or more. For those wishing to establish a Donor Advised Fund or a Donor Specific Fund, the Board of Trustees will work closely with you to ensure that the distribution language reflects your intent.

Gifts made to the Foundation are deductible for income, gift and estate taxes. Those who create a Donor Advised Fund or a Donor Specific Fund receive a tax deduction in the year the gift is given.

The Trustees of the Foundation will make distributions at their discretion if you have given to the General Fund, or for the specific purpose if you have given to a Specific Fund. In either case, complete confidence is respected with all of our donors and their financial and legal advisors.

All contributions are professionally managed.

All investing is done using specialized professional money managers. Contributions to the Foundation are pooled for investment purposes and are invested in accordance with sound investment policies, procedures and guidelines established by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Because individual funds of the Foundation are pooled for investment purposes, a diverse portfolio mix is obtained and investment fees are minimized. The Investment Committee of the Foundation regularly reviews the performance of its investment managers.

Your gift will meet changing needs at the schools.

Many donors do not place restrictions or directives on how the annual distribution from their fund is to be used, leaving the annual distribution decisions to the Foundation’s Distribution Committee. Others choose to place certain restrictions or directives on their funds. If the intended purpose of your gift becomes obsolete in the future, the Foundation’s authority to amend provisions of your distribution directives will insure that the fund will continue under its designated name to meet the changing needs of St. Peter’s Schools in perpetuity.

Elementary SchoolThe Foundation is publicly accountable.

Annual reporting of financial condition including an independent accounting report by a certified public accountant, the filing of Federal 990 tax returns, as well as public disclosure of all distribution activities, along with a broad based Board of Trustees representing diverse expertise, assures the continued use of the Foundation’s funds in the best interest of St. Peter’s Schools.

Other Benefits

  • Assures maximum income tax deductions: possibly as much as 50% of adjusted gross income for gifts of cash and as much as 30% of adjusted gross income for gifts of appreciated property.
  • Assures maximum estate tax deductions: possibly as much as 60% of charitable gifts to the Foundation will be saved in state and federal estate taxes.
  • Assures charitable intent: guarantees you and your family that your gift to the Foundation will benefit St. Peter’s Schools in perpetuity in a way that enhances your specific charitable intent.