St. Peter’s is a Catholic community abounding in experiences for fellowship and faith, formation and service, Catholic worship and education. In the spring of 1911, the construction of the present St. Peter’s Church began and was later dedicated on May 14, 1911. Once the basement was completely enclosed and ready for use, it was used for celebrating Mass. The first Mass in the basement took place on September 12, 1915. Construction continued above the basement of the new church’s superstructure for two more years. The dedication of our existing church was performed by Bishop Farrelly on September 16, 1917. In just two short years, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the dedication of our church.

While many needs are apparent, some are more critical than others; thus the necessity to prioritize our current needs. It is our prayer that our parish community will always be a place where we can gather to worship, to celebrate our beliefs, and to share the living experience of the Body of Christ through our various ministries of service.

“God calls us to care for and cultivate all that He has given us…not to be complacent, but rather to constantly strive to be better, to build on and improve what we have…always trying to realize our God-given potential.”

Worship Space Enhancement Needs

  • The interior of the church is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint and plaster repairs which will prevent further damage and decay. The last time our worship space was painted was back in 1992 as part of the fire restoration project.
  • The flooring underneath the pews is the original wood and needs to be replaced, since it cannot be sanded down any further.
  • Our pews are in need of restoration. The pews also need to be slightly rearranged allowing more space in between each pew and to accommodate new and improved kneelers.
  • The church also needs its own independent boiler. Currently, the boiler is shared with the high school. While this was an economical solution when the high school was built, it is no longer an efficient or practical solution.
  • All of the stained glass windows, with the exception of one, are original to the church (1920, designed in Germany) and in desperate need of repairs. The large windows show signs of structural fatigue and need to be rebuilt. All of our windows need to be inspected and re-glazed.
  • The sound system within the church is antiquated, inefficient and needs to be replaced. There are several places within our worship space where the sound is simply insufficient. Our building improvements fund has covered the initial phase of this project, but more work needs to be completed to meet our needs. Including service for the hearing impaired which is a necessity.
  • Our pipe organ, built in 1974, is due for a full cleaning and refurbishment. The interior electronics and a general pipe cleaning are desperately needed.
  • In addition to these needs, there other areas of our worship space that need attention. These smaller projects would include replacing the current wood in aisle ways with marble, leveling, cleaning and sealing the marble entry landing and polishing the existing marble floors.

School – Facility Maintenance & Improvement Needs

The entire St. Peter’s School system, Montessori – Grade 12, has earned national recognition as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. Caring and dedicated teachers have prepared St. Peter’s students for the world so successfully that our students consistently earn the highest Ohio Graduation Test scores in the area. While opportunities are many, critical needs must be addressed immediately.

  • For example, the Robert Frye Gymnasium was completed in 1958 and still has the original skylight system and original paint and wall coverings. The skylights need to be removed, and the gym upgraded with energy efficient lighting.
  • The Auditorium ceiling has several stains from previous water intrusions. The seating and electrical systems are also original to the building. The seating needs to be replaced or refurbished, and new, modern lighting systems need to be installed. The ceiling needs to be redone with modern acoustical panels.

Other Facility Enhancement Needs

Other desired facility enhancements include the need for a new campus-wide communications, safety, and security system. The current phone system is over twenty years old, which inhibits efficient communication between departments and compromises reliability in the event of an emergency. Plans also call for motion sensor lighting for better energy efficiency and safety.

In the rectory, windows need to be replaced with energy efficient options. There are 21 windows that need replaced. The six most critical windows will be replaced this year. The remaining 15 windows still need to be replaced. Once complete, the exterior needs to repaired and repainted as well for maintenance and restoration purposes.

In the Elementary School, the secretary’s office will be remodeled and connected with the teacher’s workroom to provide a more functional workspace.

Finally, we will work to complete needed concrete repairs to our sidewalks and parking lots to remove any dangerous cracks and flaws, thereby making it safer for our parishioners, students, and visitors to traverse the grounds.


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