To address these various building needs, we have an exciting plan. It calls for making various enhancements to our worship space, our school, and additional facility maintenance needs to our parish grounds.

Worship Space Enhancements

  • The interior of the church will receive a fresh coat of paint, which will include the cleaning and preservation of our current artwork.
  • The flooring under the pews will be replaced.
  • The pews will be restored, re-spaced, and new kneelers will be added.
  • A new boiler will be installed in the church basement.
  • Originally installed in 1920, the stained glass windows will be inspected, repaired and reglazed.
  • The installation of a new sound system will enhance our experience during worship.
  • The organ will be refurbished.
  • Finally, areas where the aisles were expanded in past years, and currently are wood will be replaced with marble. The marble entry landing will be leveled, cleaned and sealed, and the existing marble floors will be polished.

School Enhancements

  • The Robert Frye Gymnasium and Auditorium will undergo a series of renovations to include the removal of the skylight system, new paint and tiles to the ceiling and walls, and the addition of energy-efficient lighting systems.
  • The Auditorium renovations will include a new acoustical drop ceiling, replacement and refurbishment of the seating, and the installation of modern theatrical lighting and sound systems.
  • The masonry will be restored and waterproofed to protect the building’s façade.

Other Facility Enhancements

  • The addition of a new campus-wide communications, safety and security system will benefit our parish community by improving safety and streamlining communication.
  • Concrete repair work will be completed on campus parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and curbs.
  • We plan to add motion sensor lighting for improved safety.
  • The rectory will undergo various facility and improvement needs, which will include finishing the replacement of windows and a fresh coat of paint on exterior walls.
  • And we will remodel the elementary school office and open a connection to the teacher’s work room.

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