Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

Historically known at St. Peter’s as the Annual Tuition Drive or Annual Appeal, these are evolving into an Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund will still provide thousands of dollars of tuition assistance to students who otherwise would not be able to afford a St. Peter’s educational experience. However, by broadening the scope of the fund, we hope to provide new opportunities for our parishioners and alumni to give an area of their specific interest — not just tuition assistance.

How is My Gift Spent?

Because the Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted, it gives our parish more flexibility to put your gifts where they are most needed.

As the new Annual Fund moves forward, we will show how your gift was spent in our Annual Report.

Your gift will help in many areas of school operations, including:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Math & Sciences

How to use the donation form:

Pledge to Give allows you to make monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments via credit card.
Make a Single Gift will allow you donate in one single gift. Your credit card will be billed the full amount.

When making your pledge, be sure to select your Pledge Duration to 10 months to spread your payments out over the course of the year. You can choose to make your pledge over a shorter term.